Partners and Collaborations

Families and patients affected by chronic conditions often experience significant challenges as they adapt to illness and changing life situations. While it is Medicare and Medicaid policy to provide valuable support via family behavioral therapy, few treatment teams have the capacity required to effectively implement it.

MyHealios is working to fill this gap by leveraging technology and condition-specific expertise to ensure patients and families receive expert, holistic support and are empowered to live better as a result.

Our solutions are convenient and accessible to nearly anyone living with or caring for serious mental illness, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, or severe insomnia. When applicable, MyHealios can also integrate digital assets and strategy (including biometric monitors, wearables, existing online portals and forums, and clinical trial programs) to augment our services and reach.

What is telehealth

We are thankful for a foundation of support, partnerships and research engagement from:

  • The medical community
  • Health insurance organizations
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Patient groups
  • Non-profits foundations and other stakeholders

Together, we are developing a deeper understanding of disease management, patient care, and effective caregiver/family care. Throughout we are rewarded with collective insights, knowledge-expansion, and opportunities to contribute to and engage with communities of patients and caregivers – for the greater well-being of generations to come

Future Partners Please Contact Us

For further information about partnership and collaboration opportunities, please call Lisa Alderson at +44 7947 642333 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Meet Our Current Partners

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