Caring for a loved one can be very rewarding but at times it can also be very stressful, regardless if the person is new or used to caregiving. Taking care of ones loved one often has an impact on your family dynamics, comes in addition to the normal workload, may add financial pressure, etc.. Caregiving is especially stressful in cases of long term chronic diseases. Without help and support the pressure may become too much and put your own health at risk. It is not surprising that caregivers have a high risk of showing symptoms of low mood, anxiety and may even develop burn out. The MyHealios intervention is designed to develop caregiving capabilities so that the family caregiver can take him/herself and their loved one.
MyHealios is an out of network healthcare provider. We will provide caregivers with a billing statement. Reimbursement is dependent on many factors such as your medical insurance provider's policies with regards to therapy and TeleHealth, your insurance policy, medical necessity, …etc. We suggest that the caregiver contacts MyHealios for a free consultation we will assist the caregiver to ask the right questions to their medical insurance provider(s).
Privacy and security are very important to us. MyHealios is HIPAA and HITECH compliant. The technology that we use has industry-standard security measures.
Privacy and security are very important to us. MyHealios is HIPAA and HITECH compliant. The technology that we use has industry-standard security measures. The connection between the caregiver and their practitioner is secured. The system and data are centrally stored on dedicated servers in a high security data center.
No, it's user friendly and as easy as logging into an email account. The caregiver needs a user name and password. Upon scheduling an appointment the caregiver will receive a confirmation with a link that brings him/her straight to his/her session.
The service is accessible via any device that is connected to the Internet, like a computer, tablet or smartphone. Users do not need to install a program to access the sessions with their practitioners.
Many caregivers reported that they found it difficult to leave their loved ones for basic errands, let alone therapy, training or a support group. We therefore developed our service in such a way that the caregivers communicate with the practitioner from the comfort of their homes, or from the office when at work. Our service is exclusively provided via videoconference using a training platform developed in-house, which provides video-conferencing and the ability to share visual materials. The platform is user-friendly and secure.
We require the caregiver to be over 18 years old and that their loved one be 12 and older.
Caregivers will be designated a practitioner who will discuss and assess their needs on an individual basis. The practitioner will work with the caregiver to identify goals and support him/her in achieving these goals. Other learning experiences include strategies to assist his/her loved one in improving overall functioning; developing strong communication skills that lead to improved relationships; finding solutions to address the needs of his/her loved one; addressing low levels of activity; and reducing burden and regaining confidence and hope.
For the best outcome we recommend individual sessions between the caregiver and the practitioner, but it is possible to have a spouse or another family member join in.
We do not provide crisis care but the caregiver can reach out to their practitioner in between sessions if needed.
After the initial session, each session thereafter will include an update of the week and a review of skills that have been practiced and the various outcomes that came from the practice. The main focus of the sessions are around learning and skill building relevant to specific goals set by the caregiver.
Difficulties in the communication with their loved one, feeling like they're walking on egg shells, and goal setting and how to follow through.