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Evidence-based and available anywhere, MyHealios telehealth behavorial therapy empowers your practice to help improve outcomes for caregivers and patients.

Practical, Convenient Training and Support For Caregivers & Patients Living with Chronic Illness

Providing proven condition-specific education, communication skills training, and problem-solving strategies via telehealth, MyHealios can help to reduce the burden of chronic illness and stress while also helping to limit relapse, hospitalization, or crisis. Regardless of the size or location of your agency, MyHealios makes guideline-recommended (yet often difficult to integrate) family-behavorial therapy accessible, cost-effective, and efficient – for caregivers and loved ones (who interact with patients 4 or more hours per week), for patients themselves, and for your practice.

Our health professionals have master’s degrees or doctorate degrees in the mental health field and assist caregivers and patients (as appropriate) every step of the way. We specialize in telehealth for mental illness, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, and severe insomnia.

MyHealios makes it possible for caregivers and patients to receive guideline-recommended, modern family behavioral therapy – in a convenient, cost-effective fashion.

Sessions occur in the comfort of busy caregivers’ or patients’ homes, on their schedules, using a basic computer, tablet or smart phone and intuitive technology platforms. Regular online appointments and between-session assignments solidify learning while active role-playing allows participants to practice new skills.

Following data-driven standards, we provide practical psychoeducation, communication skills training, and problem solving skills training to empower more competent caregiving (and receiving) that benefits families, patients, and your practice.

Program Overview:

  • Online referral, consent, scheduling, and sessions
  • Convenient, intuitive, secure telehealth technology
  • Valuable psychoeducation and skills coaching provided by rigorously-trained mental health professionals
  • Insightful, practical information for those living with – as patients or as caregivers – mental illness, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s (as appropriate) or severe insomnia.
  • Consistent, flexible support when and where it’s needed
  • Quality assurance, follow-up, documentation, and reports
  • HIPAA compliance

Potential Benefits of Caregiver/Patient Participation:

  • Greater understanding of the specific disorder, its symptoms, related behaviors, treatment, course/progression, and the health system
  • Improved support for adherence to recommendations
  • More productive family functioning, communication styles, behavior-management, and independent problem-solving
  • Greater accuracy of accounts to treatment teams as well as recognition and reporting of early warning signs of relapse/crisis
  • Reduced relapse rates, hospitalization rates, or calls/visits to clinic
  • Improved caregiver self-care
  • Decreased stress and perception of burden of illness
  • Increased satisfaction with treatment, treatment teams, and family life

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Here are examples of situations where MyHealios can help:

  • You're seeing a patient with schizophrenia, dementia, multiple sclerosis or another chronic illness and notice that the family caregiver seems overwhelmed and doesn't know how to handle related behaviors or how to support the patient’s care plan.
  • One of your patients is showing signs of stress and you identify the root cause as worry and burden related to being a caregiver.
  • The involvement of the family caregiver is essential to your patient’s ability to stabilize his/her mental health disorder, avoid relapse or rehospitalization, or make progress towards personal goals.

Kim T. Mueser, PhD: One of the Experts Behind our Work

Kim T. Mueser, PhD is a member of the MyHealios Board of Directors and has been instrumental in the development and implementation of our telehealth services.

For decades, Mueser has been studying the benefits of family behavorial therapy for serious illnesses like schizophrenia. His work on this topic is widely published and has been supported by the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, and the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation. Mueser is a clinical psychologist and executive director of the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation and a professor in the Departments of Occupational Therapy, Psychology, and Psychiatry at Boston University. He holds an adjunct professor position in Department of Psychiatry at Dartmouth Medical School in New Hampshire and is involved in variety of publications and organizations, including serving as a reviewer for the National Institute of Mental Health and Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute. Mueser is licensed as a clinical psychologist in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.