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How We Help

The MyHealios resilience coaching program empowers you to better care for yourself and your loved ones – for improved wellness, lower stress, and greater life balance.

Our creative, convenient technology is a perfect fit for your hectic schedule. You can work with your coach at any time, from any platform.

Caring for Yourself so You Can Care for Others

Education and resilience are the heart of MyHealios’s coaching service. We help you understand and manage your role as a caregiver.


Resilience is the ability to “bounce back” from adversity and adapt to stress. We believe that a resilient caregiver is better able to care for themselves and others. Our team of psychologists created an engaging approach to resilience training personalized for your needs.


Chronic illness affects the whole person: their well-being, way of life, even their personality can be affected, as can the family’s. Understanding what has happened and what may happen helps you adapt, survive, and thrive despite the challenges. We offer caregivers a comprehensive education program, which discusses the most important aspects of chronic illnesses.

You log in. We do the rest.

Our technology is sophisticated but simple. You are connected to a trained resilience coach within minutes of logging in. You complete simple forms to inform us about your situation. The information is private and secure on our servers; we use the same data protection standards as medical facilities. You can access MyHealios at any time, from anywhere, on any device.

Important information. An engaging experience.

We believe that by better engaging you, we can better teach you. Our program takes place in a virtual “living room”; everything you learn is supported by interesting, interactive features. No lectures, no slide decks, no walls of text. This is something new.

How it works:


Registration only takes minutes. 45-minute sessions cost $85, a fraction of the cost of therapy.


Caregivers connect with coaches on a secure, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform.


Our evidence-based skills-training program is provided through a unique interactive program.


Coaches provide practical, real-world exercises to help caregivers practice the skills they learn.


Continuing sessions are scheduled so caregivers can keep refining skills and building resilience.

Customer feedback:

Caregivers (and patients) who received coaching from MyHealios consistently provide positive feedback and report significant positive changes in their lives as a result of our program.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

“MyHealios is not talk therapy but it’s looking at and having solutions and coping skills. I came away with knowledge and things were presented in a different way and it was very helpful.”

“I really liked the structure and the content of MyHealios. It was very applicable to what I was dealing with. The lessons met what I was faced with at the time. I really liked the practice – it was accountability for me; making sure I was learning. I liked some of the things I could control – trying to work on reflection and learning skills.”

“I really liked my coach. I would rate her as excellent. She listened really well and reflected back that she got it. She reassured me a lot… that I was doing a good job and to keep up the good work. The timing of it worked out really well and I needed her encouragement.”