How We Help

Caring for Yourself so You Can Care for Others

Education and resilience are the heart of MyHealios’s coaching service. We help you understand and manage your role as a caregiver.


Resilience is the ability to “bounce back” from adversity and adapt to stress. Caregiving can create many types of stress: physical, medical, psychological. We believe that a resilient caregiver is better able to care for themselves and others. Our team of psychologists and researchers created an engaging approach to resilience training personalized for your needs.


Chronic illness can affect the whole person: their well-being, way of life, even their personality can be affected, as can the family’s. Understanding what has happened and what may happen can help you adapt, survive, and thrive despite these challenges. We worked with nationally recognized clinicians and psychologists to create a comprehensive education program.


The MyHealios coaching program incorporates skills training for resilience and education about the physical and psychological impact of chronic illness on the person, the caregiver, and the family. Our coaches are here to teach you, guide you, and support you through this difficult journey.

You log in. We do the rest.

Our technology is sophisticated but simple. You are connected to a trained resilience coach within seconds of logging in. You complete simple forms in order to inform us about your loved one’s condition and your situation. The conversations and the information are kept private and secure on our servers; we use the same data protection standards as medical facilities. You can access MyHealios at any time, from anywhere, on any device.

Important information. An engaging experience.

If you are a patient or a caregiver you’ve read enough pamphlets to last a lifetime. We believe that by better engaging you, we can better teach you. So we put a team of researchers, coders, and graphic designers to work on a brand new platform. Our program takes place inside a virtual “living room”; everything you learn is supported by interesting, interactive features. No lectures, no slide decks, no walls of text. This is something new.