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In home health care Home Healthcare? Alzheimer’s Assisted Living? Or a Memory Care Facility?

With Alzheimer's disease, loved ones can feel like they are walking a tightrope. Sometimes you need help to restore balance. Loss, marginalization, and disorientation: a person with with Alzheimer's disease is forced to live with these feelings daily. And, as caregivers know, the disease  - in turn - affects the whole family environment. [...]

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Alzheimer’s Disease: Choosing the Right Care Provider

Living with Someone with Alzheimer's Disease? Get Help with the Right Care Provider. When a loved one develops intermediate- or advanced-stage Alzheimer's disease, decisions may need to be made quickly. For family members and family caregivers this can be a very difficult time because, let's be honest, few of us are really prepared for all that will be necessary [...]

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I Have Alzheimer’s Disease

I have Alzheimer's disease and it feels like, little by little, my brain is being stolen. Alzheimer's patients can fear being aware of their memory loss. This fear can be especially difficult for those who are diagnosed early or at a relatively young age. Of course, the progression of the disease and its symptoms [...]

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Could Cooking be an Alzheimer’s Memory Test?

My Mom Made Bad Tagliatelle Pasta... Impossible... Could Cooking be an Alzheimer’s Memory Test? Early manifestations of Alzheimer’s disease may show themselves in everyday, formerly simple things, like making a favorite recipe, putting the silverware in order, or driving to a familiar location. Other early signs of Alzheimer’s can include memory problems that disrupt day-to-day life [...]

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