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The Mysteries of HIPAA

For caregivers of people with schizophrenia, one of the most difficult barriers to assisting in our loved ones’ treatment can be the misinterpretation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  Even though this Act became law in 1996, there is still much confusion about what HIPAA does and does not do. HISTORY [...]

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Multiple Sclerosis (rrms) living day by day, a caregiver experience

Living with multiple sclerosis requires constant challenges for the patient and caregiver Living with multiple sclerosis is challenging both for the person directly affected and their family members: they all must cope with the countless unknowns of this chronic, progressive disease....Read more.My wife has been diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) for many years. [...]

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Celebrating with Alzheimer’s Disease: Gifts for Alzheimer’s Patients

When you live with Alzheimer's disease or any other form of dementia, feast days and celebrations may be difficult to enjoy because they can be filled with emotions and conflicting expectations. Every year, seasonal holidays and birthdays allow us to remember the value of traditions and to show affection for our loved ones, but they [...]

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What is Anosognosia?

Caring for Someone with Schizophrenia As family caregivers forge ahead and learn more and more about schizophrenia there’s an important characteristic of the disorder to be aware of and to learn how to deal with. It’s called “lack of insight” or "anosognosia." What is Anosognosia? How Does it Affect Schizophrenia Treatment? Anosognosia is often [...]

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Psychosis vs Schizophrenia: What is the Difference? Part 1

Psychosis vs. Schizophrenia: understanding the distinction between the 2  What is the Difference Between Psychosis and Schizophrenia? In short, psychosis is a symptom while schizophrenia is an illness diagnosis. Patients diagnosed with schizophrenia may have symptoms of psychosis but not everyone with psychosis will be diagnosed with schizophrenia. In psychiatry, psychosis refers to a state [...]

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What Can Parents of Children With Schizophrenia Do To Help?

Caring For Someone With Schizophrenia: What Can Family Caregivers or Parents of Children With Schizophrenia Do To Help? For schizophrenia treatment to achieve the most results, loved ones should be active participants in, and central to, the recommended regimen. Research has shown that the majority of the patients need sustained support from caregivers [...]

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Caring for someone with Schizophrenia: 4 common questions

You’ve received a schizophrenia diagnosis in your family, or for yourself – what happens next? What is schizophrenia disorder exactly? Are there schizophrenia treatments? Where do you turn? What does the future look like now? My name is Guilhem Dupont and I founded MyHealios because I faced these questions, too, and needed support in the [...]

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